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How to install Barbed Wire Fence
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How to install Barbed Wire Fence

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How to install Barbed Wire Fence
Barbed Wire Fence Features
In JTJ074-94, the layout position of the isolation barrier and the enclosing method have been elaborated. However, there are still many problems in the actual construction of the project that deserve serious consideration.

Barbed Wire

(1) For the lateral position of the isolation barrier, the centerline of the isolation barrier is required in the specification, and is generally laid along the inner side of the road boundary of 20~50cm. However, the actual land acquisition limit often has a sawtooth shape due to the difference in the height of the roadbed filling, and it changes frequently in a short range. At this time, if the isolation barrier is also arranged along the boundary of the land acquisition according to requirements, many inflection points will occur, and a large number of three-way diagonal braces will be added, and the overall aesthetics is poor. In this case, the isolation grid can be made into an arc shape when the layout is laid, and the arc is tangent to the inner side of the sawtooth type land acquisition boundary, so that the treatment is better.Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed Wire

(2) Enclosing method of separate roadbed isolation barrier. For the separated roadbed, the corresponding passages, bridges and culverts between the two roadbeds should be enclosed by a barrier to prevent humans and animals from entering the highway between the two roadbeds through the passages, bridges and culverts on one side.

Barbed Wire

(3) At the entrance of the tunnel, the barrier cannot be directly connected to the entrance of the tunnel. Instead, the fence should be used along the hillside as a way to significantly protect the isolation. It has been widely promoted and used for the barbed wire. The problems encountered in the use and installation of the guardrail and maintenance are also a headache for us.

Barbed Wire

The barbed wire fence has many sharp spikes on the surface, and it is generally very sharp. It plays a significant role in the fence of the site. It will cause no small harm to the people trying to respond to the barbed wire fence, which makes people discourage and play a protective role. However, for the general type of guardrails, due to the lack of spikes, only general protection can be performed.

Razor Wire Fence

The installation of the barbed wire fence is rather cumbersome, because it can be installed directly like other devices. The barbed wire fence needs to be installed together by many people, so that the height and spacing can be adjusted and installed. Convenient for customers with different needs.

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