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Application and Characteristics of Reinforced Stone Cage Mesh in Hydraulic Engineering
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Application and Characteristics of Reinforced Stone Cage Mesh in Hydraulic Engineering

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Reinforced adobe gabion nets, also known as reinforced gabion mesh, hanging nets, barrage netting belts, mountain protection nets, etc., are woven in hexagonal nets, with straight wires, or wires woven in the direction of vertical weaving or paralleling. . The tensile strength of the reinforced heavy hexagonal net is higher than that of the ordinary mesh. The diameter of the reinforced filament is generally not smaller than the diameter of the side wire. It has rigidity and flexibility, good adaptability to the foundation, good seismic performance and resistance to reciprocating dynamic load, basic There is no creep problem. Reinforced gabion net is a new technology for reinforced earth engineering. It uses low-carbon steel wire as its basic material. Steel wires are treated with hot-dip galvanizing and special plastic-coated surfaces. They have good corrosion and wear resistance. These steel wires are machined into a mesh surface and manufactured into different products depending on their use as a structure.

Material: high quality low carbon galvanized wire

Reinforced gabion mesh features:

1. The reinforced gabion net retaining wall has the technical characteristics and advantages of safety, flexibility, permeability, durability, environmental protection, economy and the like.

2. A very strong product. Walls and reinforced tendons are also connected without nodes, which eliminates the shortcomings of structural nodes that are vulnerable to structural weaknesses. Assembly-type construction is quick and convenient, and has high work efficiency.

3. It is an ecological protection net. Due to the concrete rigid panel with non-traditional reinforced earth retaining wall for wall panels, the wall can be naturally permeable and conducive to the discharge of groundwater in the filling. This ensures the long-term stability of the structure and the wall has a good stiffness. There is no bulging phenomenon.

The use of reinforced gabion mesh:

1. It can be used to reinforce riverbanks in rivers. The gabion net cages that reinforce the river banks are generally used on the inner side of the embankments. They are mainly used in places where the flow rate of the river is relatively turbulent. The rivers scour the gabion net instead of directly flushing the embankments, thus alleviating the damage to the embankments.

2. Reinforced gabion nets can also be used to guide river waters. The river will generally flow along its own channel. The river may have naturally formed curved channels. If there is flooding, the amount of water is large and the water flow is turbulent, the water flow will move under inertia and tend to flow straight. It will violently impact the original river channel and Dams, which are likely to divert rivers, will cause huge disasters.

3. The net is also applied to flood discharge dams and diversion dams to guide or restrict floods.

4. It is also widely used in roads, railways, construction and other fields, with good engineering, economic and environmental benefits.

Reinforced gabion net performance

1. Economy. Simply seal the stone in the cage.

2. The construction is simple and does not require special technology.

3. Strong ability to resist natural damage, corrosion resistance and adverse weather influence.

4. Can withstand a wide range of deformation, but still does not collapse.

5. Sludge between cages and stones is beneficial to plant production and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment.

6. Has good permeability to prevent damage caused by hydrostatic forces. Helps stabilize the slopes and beaches

7. To save on transportation costs, it can be folded and transported and assembled on the construction site.

8. Good flexibility: no structural seams, the overall structure of ductility.

9. Corrosion resistance: Galvanized materials are not afraid of seawater.

10. Environmental protection materials: cadmium (cd) <10ppm, lead (Pb) <50ppm, other harmful substances such as mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) Out, in full compliance with RoSH's environmental standards.


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