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Annealed Wire
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Annealed Wire

annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and stiffness through the process of oxygen free annealing.

Wire Materials
: Iron wire or carbon steel wire.

Technology: Black annealed wire material is normally provided by the Q195 type drawing rod into the black wire.The selected raw materials after 1000 degrees high temperature calcination keep enough time, then to appropriate cooling rate.The purpose is to reduce the hardness, improved machinability; elimination of residual stress, stable size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency; grain refinement, restructuring the organization, eliminate defects in the organization.

Characteristics: Black annealed wire more than ordinary soft, more flexibility, softness of color uniform, consistent.

Uses: Mainly used in building, mining, chemical industry, welding, welding, and then processing hanger.Annealed wire become soft, pliable degree increases, do construction tie wire, steel banding effect more.

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