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China High tensile strength Electro Galvanized wire
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China High tensile strength Electro Galvanized wire

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The electro galvanized wire has good brightness and moderate hardness. Wires of various diameters can be manufactured in the range of 0.5mm to 5.0mm. The weight range of the board is 0.5 kg-1000 kg per roll.

High tensile strength electro galvanized wire is made of high quality low carbon steel Q195 and Q235 through drawing, annealing, pickling and galvanizing processes.Due to the research of our company's technical staff, the amount of galvanizing has reached 25g / m2 in the same industry. We produce electro-galvanized wire with better shiny surface and good hardness.There is no doubt that this will play a better role in preventing rust, stain and oxidation.



1 The Electro Galvanized wire actuated reinforcement strategies are mainly: figure-eight, inverted figure-eight, cross, zigzag or reverse and zigzag. Various actuation modes can also be used individually, or two or more of them can be used together.

2 Once started and reinforced, single or double-stranded zinc iron wire will be wound back and forth between the two nodes of the load and between the vehicles, and the zinc iron wire should also be tightened to form the tightness of each strand as evenly as possible, and the rest Half scattered on the rope. Tighten with a winch, and the remaining tail must reach into the car.

3 The pulling position on the product should be selected appropriately. Once the horizontal movement of the product is not prevented, the operating position should be as low as possible. Once it does not prevent the product from tipping over, the operating position is appropriately higher.


The diameter of the metal wire used for actuation should not be four millimeters, and the diameter of the metal wire used for banding should not be 2.6 millimeters.

The two wires should not be used as joints under compression bars, and are generally not used as complete bundles.

Third, do not hurt the metal wire in one change.




China High tensile strength Electro Galvanized wires are widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway fences, product packaging and civilian daily necessities.

Electro Galvanized wires also include spraying lines: the weight of each pan is about 100 kg to 1000 kg per roll, which is mainly used in industry, agriculture and animal husbandry.

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