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How to build a gabion wall
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How to build a gabion wall

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You can build gabion walls by assembling rectangular gabion cages end-to-end and filling them with rocks. Gabion cages are wire cages with heavy loads; they serve road construction and other civil engineering projects that can be used as garden walls or decorative dividers. The gabion walls do not need a foundation and can be bent with the ground contour; they prevent erosion but allow water to flow through them. Although the gabion walls are labor intensive, you can build them at low cost, especially if you can use the rock on site.

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Site preparation
step 1
Place the bet at the corner of the venue where you plan to build the gabion wall. Use a shovel to dig out any grass or plants rooted under the wall.

Step 2
Check the earth under the wall. If it is soft soil or clay, dig a few inches down and fill the holes with gravel to provide extra support for the weight of the wall.

Step 3
Use a hammer to smooth the ground or gravel under the wall. Place the board on the ground and use a level to make sure the bottom of the wall is roughly level.

the fourth step
Place edges around the perimeter of the site and place weed mats on the ground below the gabion walls to prevent weeds.

Install wire basket

step 1
Buy prefabricated gabion baskets or buy wire mesh such as wire mesh or construction wire mesh. Make sure that the wire mesh you purchased is galvanized or coated to prevent corrosion.

Step 2
Place the wire mesh on the floor where you want to build the wall. For prefabricated baskets, if the sides are already attached to the base, lay them flat in the correct position on the base. If the side is not attached, place the base in the correct position and place the side around it. For wire mesh, cut the same size base and cover, two identically sized ends and two equal sides. Place the base in the proper position and on both sides.

Step 3
For baskets, use galvanized lines to join the corners and sides to form a rectangular basket. Open the lid so you can put it in the rock. For wire mesh, use galvanized steel wire to wire the sides of the corner and rectangular basket to open the lid.

Insert rock
step 1
Place the rock in the wire basket. If they give you the look you want and are larger than the wire mesh holes, use live rock. If you can't use live rock, buy the size and type of rock you need.

Step 2
Place the flat rock on the flat side facing out and use the angular or angular rock as the corner. Use cement blocks in the middle of the large gabion cage to save the rock and speed up the filling of the basket.

Step 3
When you fill the basket, place a wired cross every three to six inches to reduce bloat. By wrapping the galvanized wire around a portion of the side mesh, the wire is passed through the stone and wrapped around the grid on the other side, joining the sides of the basket.

the fourth step
When you fill the gabion basket, open the wire on the lid. If you need a taller wall, thread the other set of baskets at the top of the first set.

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