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Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers
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Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

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Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers
Usually we dry clothes are simply on the Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers, but the way to dry the clothes for different materials is different.

Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

Turning the inside out and drying it is the most scientific. Do not expose to the sun, dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. Or when drying clothes, turn the clothes over so that the clothes are sunny and the clothes are dark. How do you dry your clothes? Have you noticed that the clothes should not only be cleaned, but also sunburned. For most people, only pay attention to how the clothes are washed and dried. The experts reminded that after the clothes are washed, the general drying principle is: different drying methods should be adopted according to different fabrics and different colors. In order to remain undistorted, without fading, there will be long-lasting vitality.

Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

Silk clothing: After washing, it should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry naturally, and it is best to face the outside. Because silk garments have poor sunlight resistance, they cannot be directly exposed to sunlight, otherwise the fabric will be discolored and the strength will decrease. Pay particular attention to clothing that is darker in color or brighter in color. In addition, do not use fire to bake silk clothing.

Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

Cotton, cotton and linen clothing: These types of clothing can be directly exposed to the sun, because the strength of this type of fiber in the sun is almost no decline, or slightly decreased, but will not be deformed. However, in order to avoid fading, it is best to face the outside.
Chemical fiber clothing: chemical fiber clothes are washed, it is not suitable to expose to sunlight. Because acrylic fiber is easy to change color and yellow after exposure; nylon, polypropylene and man-made fiber are easy to age under sunlight; polyester and vinylon accelerate the photochemical cracking of fiber under the action of sunlight, affecting fabric life. Therefore, chemical fiber clothes should be dried in a cool place.

Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

Wool clothing: After washing, put it in a cool, ventilated place, let it dry naturally, and face it to the outside. Since the surface of the wool fiber is a scale layer, the outer natural oleoresin film imparts a soft luster to the wool fiber. If exposed to sunlight, the surface of the oleic acid film will deteriorate due to oxidation at high temperatures, which will seriously affect its appearance and service life.

Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers

Knitwear such as sweaters, sweaters, etc.: To prevent such garments from being deformed, they can be put into a net bag after washing, hung in a ventilated place to dry, or hung with two Colored PVC Coated Wire Hangers to avoid It can be deformed due to excessive suspension; it can also be dried with bamboo poles or plastic tubes; if conditions permit, it can be tiled on other objects to dry. In short, avoid exposure or baking.

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