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Gabion cage in the installation process precautions
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Gabion cage in the installation process precautions

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When using, please pay attention that the gabion mesh can be installed at any time at the construction site. In order to transport, the gabion net must be folded into a plane, and then it should be opened in an appropriate position and then the appropriate size stones should be placed in the cage. Fasten the lid and tie the gabion nets and adjacent lead cages.

The gabion net should be manufactured according to the standard specifications:

The cushion thickness is from 100mm to 300mm, the cage height is 0.5m to 1m, and the cage length and cage width are 1m to 4m. The gabion mesh size is from 60*80 mm to 120*150 mm. The diameter of the wire used for braiding is 2mm to 4mm. The wire can be galvanized or coated with polyvinyl chloride. The larger the mesh, the thicker the wire used. Thicker wire is used around the edges, and it should be at least as strong and durable as the tied gabion nets when tied together. If the parts are properly lashed, the stability of the structure can be increased. There are a number of grid edges. If the wire cage is hooked on the side of the cage but not on the side of the cage, it is easy to loosen.

When pebbles are laid in the gabion mesh, pebbles with a particle size of not less than 10 cm are used on the exposed surfaces and are laid out by artificial screeds to obtain a beautiful surface and prevent water flow to wash the pebbles away from the mesh. It should be ensured that the overfilled stone is 2.5-3cm high in order to leave room for sinking. In order to adapt to the shape of the stone, it is necessary to cut off the gabion net, and care should be taken to ensure that the gabion net that is re-ligated after truncation is as strong as it is without truncation. The gabion net usually puts better stones on the periphery, and it is necessary to avoid the inferior stones filling the center. Because of this, poorly shaped rocks may be squeezed through the gabion net and then washed away by water. After the gabion net is filled with stone, the top cover will be covered, and then the two coincident frame wires will be screwed tightly with a wire tie. The pitch should not be more than 50mm, and the web should be filled with 10-15cm in the masonry. Hull the soil so vegetation can grow.


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