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How to Cut Expanded Metal
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How to Cut Expanded Metal

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Expanded metal comes in many different shapes and forms, but no matter which one it is, it can be awkward and difficult to cut.

There are some easy ways to cut expanded metal correctly, but it takes a little bit of time and effort.

1. Measure the expanded metal to mark the area that you want to cut. If possible, it's easiest to cut the metal along the joints where it comes together, but it's not critical.
2. Clamp the metal ruler to the expanded metal using the clamps, and put it along the measurements you just made. You want this to be exactly along your new mark.
3. Mark the metal along the ruler using a permanent marker. This is going to be your cut line, so use the tape measure to make sure the measurements are accurate.
4. Remove the metal ruler and the clamps from the metal.
5. Place the expanded metal onto a raised surface so that your cuts won't go into the concrete or other work surface.
6. Put on the safety glasses and hold the grinder securely and steadily in both hands.
7 .Turn on the grinder and begin to cut the expanded metal. The grinder will throw a lot of sparks, so make sure your eyes are protected. The key is to cut along your marker line while keeping the grinder secure. Each gap in the expanded metal will cause the grinder to move forward, so keep a steady hand as you work down the metal.
8. Continue cutting until you reach the end of your marks. The metal will separate and the job is complete.

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