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How to judge the quality of Wire Hangers
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How to judge the quality of Wire Hangers

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How to judge the quality of Wire Hangers
Quality is always an eternal topic of every product. The quality of good products reflects the grade of its products, reflecting the development direction and positioning of its product manufacturers, and also reflects the price level to some extent. In the hanger industry, the same version of Wire Hangers sometimes has a very different price, and the quality of the products varies. So how do you judge the quality of Wire Hangers? The quality is literally the amount of material contained in the article, the quality of the product process, and the quality of Wire Hangers needs to be judged and analyzed from the following aspects.

Wire Hangers

  1. Wire Hangers manufacturing process difficulty, perhaps a small design change, will result in several times more manufacturing difficulty and production time, of course, the same hanger.
    2.Wire Hangers material properties. Judging from the material, load-bearing capacity, acid and alkali resistance, and oxidation resistance of Wire Hangers. Is Wire Hangers raw material iron, aluminum or stainless steel, or what? Usually, stainless steel is better than iron, but the price of aluminum is generally higher than the price of stainless steel hangers, and the material cost is the most expensive, but stainless steel is the best in terms of bearing capacity.
    3. Surface observation of Wire Hangers. Is Wire Hangers plating smooth and delicate, whether the coating is evenly distributed, and whether the adsorption capacity is strong; Wire Hangers' workmanship is exquisite, whether it is a little solder scar, whether the Wire Hangers parts (hanger clips, hanger hooks, etc.) are tightly welded, and the plating is good. And so on, all reflect their quality to some extent.
    4. The time characteristics of Wire Hangers, that is, the length of life of the hanger. Most of the hangers produced by the hanger factory do not have a warranty period, which means that the life of the hanger is not guaranteed. The general hanger factory can guarantee more than one year of high-end products, just like Wire Hangers sold by Hebei Shengsen traders.
    In general, the quality of Wire Hangers is not blown out, but derived from practice. The so-called "sense is not as good as one sees". This is the truth. Especially when wholesale a large number of hangers, generally ask for samples, samples can be better judged, or go directly to the hanger factory to visit.


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