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The role of gabion mesh in protection of reservoir
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The role of gabion mesh in protection of reservoir

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After the reservoir has experienced wind and rain erosion and river erosion, there will be a risk of bank collapse after a long time. You can use a gabion net to prevent this from happening.

According to the situation of the bank collapse, due to the difference in the geological conditions of the shoreline of the reservoir across the bank, there are different types, scales and mechanisms of bank collapse. Therefore, the bank collapse treatment project should be highly targeted and cannot be blindly carried out or blindly observed. Take some kind of preventive engineering measures to deal with the disease and comprehensive treatment.

The gabion mesh can be used for embankment protection, or for the protection of the entire river bed and river bank, and is more suitable for rivers with relatively slow original slopes. With the design of dry water level as the boundary, the upper part is the slope protection project and the lower part is the foot protection project. The slope protection project is to rectify the original bank slope and then lay the slope protection filter layer and the ecological grid mat structure surface layer to prevent water surface erosion, wave impact, water level change and groundwater erosion and other damage to the bank slope surface; In the footwork, anti-impact materials are laid on the underwater river bed near the foot of the slope to form a protective layer to prevent the water from flowing and to protect the foundation of the bank. The biggest advantage of gabion is its ecology. The interior is filled with natural stone. There is a gap between the stones, allowing the plants to grow in them. It is also possible to seed suitable plants in a targeted manner, with the dual functions of engineering slope protection and plant slope protection. .

According to the local soil type, soil thickness, section type, overall stability, slope, lighting characteristics, altitude, climatic conditions and scene requests, etc., according to the design documents do a good job vegetation planning. Based on this, the construction process of net mats and cages will be properly adjusted.

The protection of gabion nesh in reservoirs should be based on local soil types, soil thickness, climatic conditions and landscape requirements to select suitable vegetation types. Herbaceous plants on the general water surface should be selected from drought-resistant grasses and legumes. Mixed grasses should be composed of multiple species (15-20) or many seeds (30-50 g/m2); underwater sites should be suitable. Selection of aquatic plant species; selection of water-resistant plant species in the water-level change area; selection of drought-, heat- and drought-tolerant plant species in areas that are extremely arid.

After the gabion mesh mat and the gabion cage are covered, the loam top should be filled with loam soil. Stone cage nets or gabion cages with a request for vegetation should be mixed with rich nutrients in the top 20 cm of fill material. The soil level should be approximately 5 cm above the top frame line of the gabion cage. It is advisable to formulate and implement conservation measures for vegetation based on the characteristics of grass species or shrubs. Drought areas must pay extra attention to watering and fertilizer, and then ensure that the vegetation can take root and grow.石笼网箱        石笼网垫

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