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Use of gabion mesh
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Use of gabion mesh

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The gabion mesh can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcreting, slope planting (beautification), railway expressway isolation barrier, it can also be made into cages and net mats for rivers. Anti-scour maintenance of dams and seawalls, cages for rivers and rivers. The most serious disaster in the river is that the water washes the river to damage it, causing a lot of floods, resulting in many losses of life and property and a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, in dealing with the above problems, the use of the ecological grid structure is one of the best solutions, which can make the riverside river permanent maintenance.

1. The flexible structure can be used to change the slope without being damaged. It has very good safety and stability compared with the rigid structure. 2. It can resist strong erosion and can accept the maximum water flow speed up to 6m/s. The structure is inherently water permeable, and has strong inclusiveness to the natural action and filtration of groundwater. Suspended matter and sludge in the water can be deposited in the rockfill joint, which is conducive to the growth of natural plants and gradually recover the original ecosystem.

In the garden landscape project, highway slope protection, dam protection and green slopes have always been a headache for engineers and technicians. Over the years, they have been exploring a technology that not only satisfies the protection needs of mountains and beaches, but also reaches the role of beautifying the environment, and is also economically fast. Gradually, this technology began to surface, it is the application technology of ecological stone cage network.

The ecological gabion mesh application technique is to use a high-strength galvanized steel wire to woven a rectangular cage with different standards, and the cage is filled with a stone structure. After the construction is applied to the bank slope protection, the gap between the stones is continuously filled with mud under the two layers of artificial and natural factors. Plant seeds gradually rooted and sprouted in the soil between the stones, growing vigorously, and the roots firmly fixed stones and soil. In this way, the intention of protecting and beautifying the slope can be completed, and the effect of improving the ecology and adhering to the soil and water is also very obvious.

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