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Gabion baskets installation guide
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Gabion baskets installation guide

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When the gabion basket was transported to the construction site, many gabion baskets were packed into a large bundle. Please cut the tie wire, remove the required private gabion basket, and tie wire will also be provided together.

Attention: because the package is relatively tighted, so when you cut the tie wire, the package will be scattered at once. 

gabion baksets packed in bundles.png

The stone filled in the gabion basket should be hard, durable and fragile, and the size of the stone should be 250mm-75mm, that is the 4-6 inch stone that is commonly known internationally.

gabion rock stones.png

The foundation you put the gabion baskets on should be smooth and dry . On the basis of wall and ground level line to maintain the angle of 1-10 degrees, in order to prevent the sliding stability of gabion basket retaining wall, and it must be so in the front wall, which is at least 300mm, . The slope angle behind gabion basket should be kept in a safe angle, in order to ensure the stability of slope.

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