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gabion basket

Knowing that you are interested in gabion basket, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Glafan gabion box

    Glafan gabion box Uses: Gabion box is widely used in industrial and agricultural buildings as reinforcement and fences. Gabion box is also used as a fence for poultry cages, fishing and garden children's playgrounds.

  • PVC Coated gabion box

    The PVC coated gabion box is a hexagonal net (hexagonal net), also known as a gabion box, which is woven by a machine for unidirectionally twisting a metal wire for two weeks. The plastic-coated gabion net is a special steel wire mesh cage for water conservancy protection projects and garden landscape construction. The mesh made of PVC or silicone-coated low-carbon steel wire is assembled with hexagonal steel wire mesh.

  • Reno Mattress

    The difference between Reno Mattress and Gebion box and stone cage is that the height of the reno mattress is low and the structure is flat and large; the diameter of the coated steel wire is smaller than that of the grain, and generally has double partitions (wire diameter 2.0mm). Single partition (2.2mm) two.

  • Hot dipped galvanized gabion cage

    There are two types of hot dip galvanized gabion cage, one is to protect the road. For example, on the side of the road, a galvanized girder dam is built with a galvanized gabion cage to resist flood protection roads

  • Gabion basket

    Features of the gabion basket 1. Self-permeability: There are many pores between the stone filling materials of the gabion cage mesh, which is beneficial to the discharge of pore water in the soil after the structure, reducing the pore water pressure in the soil and ensuring the shear strength of the soil, which is beneficial to the whole The structure is stable; at the same time, the cost associated with the drainage facilities required for the traditional retaining structure is saved, and the overall cost of the structure is reduced.

  • Galvanized gabions

    Galvanized stone cage net, hot-dip galvanized gabion box, sloping galvanized stone cage net, galvanized stone cage net as the name suggests is galvanized iron wire twisted twisted woven stone hexagonal net, hot-dipped galvanized gabion box commonly used It is a hot-dip galvanizing process.

  • Gabion blends in with the surroundings

    Gabion blends in with the surroundings Gabion is a mesh that is twisted together to tie the wires together. Even if one or two wires are broken, they will not be untied and will not fall apart. The construction of gabion is simple and economical and does not require extra technology. Simply put t

  • Hebei Shengsen wire hanger international order process

    As an international trade distributor with more than ten years of experience, the international customer cooperation with us is more and more ordinary. Our products include Wire Hangers, Welded Wire Mesh, Gabion Basket, Razor Wire, Roofing Sheet, Wire Mesh. Fence and other three major categorie

  • How to effectively detect gabion

    How to effectively detect gabion Gabion is a mesh cage of various specifications made by mechanically woven double-hinged hexagonal flexible metal mesh with low-carbon steel wire treated with surface anti-corrosion treatment. How to check the qualified gabion, we should pay attention to the follow

  • The use of various metal wire hangers of Sansen.

    The wire hangers produced by Hebei Shengsen Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. mainly include: shirt hangers (spraying, galvanizing), upper groove hangers (galvanized, sprayed), flat shoulder hangers (galvanized, sprayed), lower Groove hangers (galvanized, spray-coated) and a series of finished hang

  • Best selling welded Gabion Box /stone cages/gabion retaining wall for garden fence for sale

    Material:Low carbon steel wire ; Galvanized wire Treatment:Zinc coated; PVC coated; Galfan coated Gabion is composed of welded mesh panel and spring steel lacing wire.

  • production and sale of maccaferri gabion wire mesh for 20years

    We are specialize in producing on this line,including more than 20SETS of machines,and we can produce 8,000-10,000 square meters each machine per day. Here attached some infromation about the gabions.

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