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Gabion basket
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Gabion basket

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Features of the gabion basket

1. Self-permeability: There are many pores between the stone filling materials of the gabion cage mesh, which is beneficial to the discharge of pore water in the soil after the structure, reducing the pore water pressure in the soil and ensuring the shear strength of the soil, which is beneficial to the whole The structure is stable; at the same time, the cost associated with the drainage facilities required for the traditional retaining structure is saved, and the overall cost of the structure is reduced.


2. Long life: The raw material of the gabion basket is 10% aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire. The excellent process foundation guarantees the uniformity of the thickness of the coating and the corrosion resistance is stronger. Its service life can reach 100 years.


3. Economical: The gabion cage mesh protection project consists of a steel mesh cage plus filler. The general cost is lower than the concrete price, lower or close to the price of masonry. In particular, the construction of protective works in areas with poor soil quality and foundation foundation can reduce the large cost of ground treatment and further demonstrate its superiority in low price.


4. Convenient construction: The gabion basket can be manufactured according to the design intention, and the semi-finished products are produced by factory production. The construction site is assembled and shaped according to the design drawing. It is easy to operate, less subject to climate disturbance, and suitable for mechanized operation, which can ensure the construction quality. Can speed up the progress of the project.


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