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Hebei Shengsen wire hanger international order process
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Hebei Shengsen wire hanger international order process

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As  an international trade distributor with more than ten years of  experience, the international customer cooperation with us is more and  more ordinary. Our products include Wire Hangers, Welded Wire Mesh,  Gabion Basket, Razor Wire, Roofing Sheet, Wire Mesh. Fence  and other three major categories are eleven small-scale products. Many  new foreign customers are not clear about our international trade  procedures. Today, Xiaobian combines our sales of Wire Hangers to  introduce new international customers to how Saint-Sen is sold through  international trade. our products.

Wire Hangers

  1.  New international customers with Wire Hangers needs to make Inquiries  for Wire Hangers products through Alibaba International Station or our  official website, including Wire Hangers product specifications, Wire  Hangers product colors, and of course, new international customers. Wire  Hangers price; after patient and meticulous communication through our  online customer service (including bargaining of Wire Hangers price, of  course), the Wire Hangers product order was formed and the Wire Hangers  sales contract was signed.

  2. The international new customer pays the deposit according to the Wire  Hangers contract. After the Wire Hangers deposit reaches the designated  account, our marketing manager passes the CRM system according to the  Wire Hangers specifications, Wire Hangers color, Wire Hangers and other  Wire Hangers information purchased by the customer. Feedback  to the factory, informing the factory of the Wire Hangers products  required for the production of the production customers, and the  delivery of Wire Hangers products while ordering the delivery of Wire  Hangers products (including water and land transportation)

  3. Production of the body Wire Hangers products required by the customer,  packing, product information for China International Customs is a  product declaration, after the China International Customs confirmed the  product is correct, the customs clearance. Confirmation of money and completion of tax refund. At this point, Wire Hangers products complete the sale of orders.
    The above is a simple order completion for the Sanson Wire Hangers product. For detailed order status, please contact our customer service or call Hebei Shengsen International Station.

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