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Gabion box
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Gabion box

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The Gabion Box is a multi-layer twisted hexagonal galvanized or PVC coated wire mesh compartment basket in a rectangular box shape. The compartments are the same size and are formed by an internal diaphragm. The compartment is filled with natural stone and the diaphragm ensures the smallest stone migration in the basket. Therefore, the stone can be evenly distributed even under abnormal conditions, and the strength of the container is increased during the filling operation to help maintain its rectangular shape.

application :

    Control and direct water or flood
    Flood bank or guiding bank
    Prevent rock breaking
    Soil and water conservation
    Bridge protection
    Strengthen soil structure
    Protection project in the coastal area
    Harbour engineering
    Protect the road

Flexibility is an important advantage of any Gabion Box. The double-twisted hexagonal grid structure allows it to withstand different settling without breaking. This property is especially important when the structure is in unstable soil conditions or when the wave action or erosion of the water stream may damage the toes of the structure and cause areas of structural settlement.

Gabions support plant growth and provide active coatings for wire mesh and gemstones for added durability. Typically, wire mesh is required during the first few years of structural life; after that, the gap between the stones is filled with soil, sludge and plant roots, which act as a binder for the stone.

The wire hexagonal mesh has strength and flexibility to withstand the forces generated by water and clods. The water permeability of the Gabion Box allows it to absorb and dissipate most of the energy. This is evident in coastal protection facilities where the gabion structure remains effective for long periods of time after the failure of large-scale rigid structures. In addition, if cut, the double twisted hexagonal net will not unravel.

The Gabion wall stabilizes the slope by the combined action of drainage and retention before the water, thereby eliminating the development of hydrostatic pressure behind the stone cage wall. Drainage is accomplished by gravity and evaporation because the porous structure allows air to circulate through it. As plant growth develops within the structure, the transpiration process helps remove moisture from the backfill - more effective than loopholes in standard masonry walls.

The Gabion system is more economical than a rigid or semi-rigid structure for the following reasons:

    It requires almost no maintenance
    Its installation does not require skilled labor, and the quarry can be filled on site or in a nearby quarry.
     It requires little or no foundation preparation because the surface needs to be just a reasonable level and smooth.
    Gabions are porous and do not require expensive drainage

Gabions is an environmentally sensitive environment-sensitive solution. Gabion Box has been mentioned that stone filling is made of natural stone cages, naturally porous, allowing interaction between land and groundwater levels, and also indicating soil deposition in smaller spaces between stone fillings during drainage, This again promotes plant growth.

Gabions that support vegetation have been discussed; in some cases, vegetation grows very strongly, making the gabion structure invisible and pleasing. Again, if additional effort is given during construction, the gabion can produce a very pleasing structure with or without vegetation. Unlike other types of materials, such as modular block walls, the stone cage stones do not change color due to drainage.

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