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How to install Razor Wire and Wire Mesh Fence
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How to install Razor Wire and Wire Mesh Fence

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How to install Razor Wire and Wire Mesh Fence

Razor Wire is the best protection product in the current protection system. It is also the most expensive and the most burglar-proof product. Razor Wire is generally installed in projects with high protection requirements, such as airport protection, prison wire Mesh Fence, private residence, High-end residential and so on. Razor Wire's common mounting mode typically mounts Razor Wire on a v-bracket. Razor Wire has a good anti-climbing effect and deterrence. There are many types and models of Razor Wire. The common meshes are 7*15, 10*15, and 15*30. The length is customized according to the customer's needs. We must analyze it carefully when purchasing Razor Wire. With the right choice, what should we pay attention to when purchasing Razor Wire?

Razor Wire

1. The core wire of Razor Wire is generally welded with low carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire. So when we choose Razor Wire, we need to communicate with the manufacturer to know which material Razor Wire we want. Razor Wire, which is welded from low-carbon steel wire, has poor corrosion resistance but is less expensive; Razor Wire welded from stainless steel wire has good corrosion resistance but is more expensive. In view of current market demand, Razor Wire, which is made of low-carbon steel wire, is more popular in engineering.

2. The choice of v-type bracket. Although the V-shaped bracket is called the v-shaped, there are actually many shapes to choose from. V is the basic type, followed by u type and so on. The u-bracket is a modified version based on the v-bracket, which increases the width of the bottom and is therefore better for climbing barriers. So if you want to increase the strength of the anti-blocking, u type is a good choice.

3. Razor Wire's anti-corrosion treatment process can be divided into: galvanizing, spray molding. The sales of galvanized Razor Wire are the largest in terms of current market demand. The anti-corrosion effect of sprayed Razor Wire is also very good and the appearance is very good. The best anti-corrosion effect is stainless steel Razor Wire, but the cost is too high, and the budget for engineering use will be greatly increased. Therefore, choose stainless steel Razor Wire. It is very expensive.

Razor Wire

How does Razor Wire and Wire Mesh Fence network work together to demonstrate its value and maximize its role? Everyone knows that Razor Wire is based on spiral Razor Wire. When used with Wire Mesh Fence, the Wire Mesh Fence column is usually a y-shaped column. The Razor Wire is placed on the top of the Wire Mesh Fence net and fixed on the y-shaped column. This installation method not only has good protection effect, but also has a very good perspective effect. It is often used for airport Wire Mesh Fence and factory community.

The blade-welded Wire Mesh Fence mesh is an excellent feature in this respect. The Razor Wire is made of sharp-edged galvanized steel or stainless steel, and the tension wire is made of a combination of core wires, so you don't have to worry about stability and protection. Solid aspect.

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