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PVC coated gabion box manufacturer
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PVC coated gabion box manufacturer

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PVC coated gabion box advantage

1. The flexible structure of Gabion box can adapt to the change of the slope without being damaged, and has better safety and stability than the rigid structure.


2, Gabion mesh box with anti-scour ability is strong, can withstand the maximum water flow speed of up to 6m / s.


3. The structure of PVC coated gabion box is water-permeable in nature, and has strong inclusiveness to the natural action and filtration of groundwater. Suspended matter and sludge in water can be precipitated in the stone-filling joint, which is beneficial to the growth of natural plants and gradually restores the original. Some ecological environments.


Surface treatment of Gabion box

1. Electroplated zinc: The maximum amount of zinc is 10g/m2. Poor corrosion resistance

2. Hot-dip galvanizing Gabion mesh box: The maximum amount of zinc can reach 300g/m2. Strong corrosion resistance

3. Galvan (zinc aluminum alloy). There are two materials, zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, zinc-10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Super corrosion resistance.


4. PVC coated gabion box. The thickness of the overmolding generally covers a thickness of 1.0 mm, for example, 3.7 mm after 2.7 mm. Strong anti-corrosion

(1) Gabion box Partition: a partition for each meter in the long direction of the gabion net

(2) Gabion mesh box Size: can be customized according to the standard

(3) The range of aperture and wire diameter


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