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Use welded wire mesh on wall construction
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Use welded wire mesh on wall construction

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Use of galvanized wire welded wire mesh on wall construction
The  application of welded wire mesh has been used in various industries  such as industry, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, petroleum, mining,  construction, etc. The application of welded wire mesh in the  construction industry is also very extensive, such as the internal and  external wall insulation of building walls, floor heating mesh, floor Reinforced steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh for interior decoration and partitioning.
Welded Wire Mesh

The  inner and outer wall insulation welded wire mesh of the building is  commonly used for galvanized welded wire mesh with a wire diameter of  0.3--0.9mm. It plays an important structural role in the heat  preservation system. During the construction, the hot-dip galvanized  welded wire mesh polystyrene board is placed in the pouring. The  inner side of the outer mold of the outer wall, the outer thermal  insulation board and the wall body survive once, and the thermal  insulation board and the wall body are integrated into one after the  mold is removed. It plays the role of earthquake resistance, crack resistance and heat preservation.

Welded Wire Mesh

Common specifications for floor heating mesh are: wire diameter 2mm, mesh 10cm × 10cm, length and width 1m × 2m. The  floor heating mesh is also called steel wire mesh. It plays a role in  the floor heating project: it is convenient for the installation of  pipes, the construction speed is faster, the bearing capacity of the  roof is enhanced, and the ground cracking, cracking and other  undesirable phenomena are avoided. The heat conduction performance of  the steel wire mesh is very good. To  make the heat even, the most important point is the heat preservation  and crack prevention. The steel wire mesh is a kind of heat preservation  and crack prevention material in the construction project. The  construction effect is very good and has been trusted by the  construction industry.

Welded Wire Mesh

Reinforced  welded wire mesh is welded firmly, pre-stressed, and strong  anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties can be used in construction  to improve project quality, improve seismic and crack resistance,  simplify construction twice, shorten construction period, save steel,  reduce cost and improve efficiency. And so on. Rebar  welded wire mesh is mainly used for various types of reinforced  concrete structures such as bridges, highways, tunnel backing plates,  high-rise floors, subway culverts, power plant projects, dam  foundations, port terminals, river dyke protection walls, airport  runways, etc.

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