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Welded Wire Mesh Inspection Specifications
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Welded Wire Mesh Inspection Specifications

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Welded Wire Mesh Inspection Specifications

Welded Wire Mesh
There are many manufacturers of Welded Wire Mesh, but some of the products produced by the manufacturers are unqualified. Welded Wire Mesh, which does not provide a Welded Wire Mesh certificate, will still be released into the market. How do we identify the Welded Wire Mesh that is qualified when we purchase Welded Wire Mesh?

Welded Wire Mesh

  1. Welded Wire Mesh wire diameter error should be controlled at 0.02 mm. For example, we purchased Welded Wire Mesh with a wire diameter of 89 filaments, and measured the diameter with a micrometer. The diameter allowed is 87-91 filament. Within this range is the qualified Welded Wire Mesh. Because the accuracy is compared, but no one can control it well during the production process, Welded Wire Mesh can be accurate to 0.01 mm, so the error is allowed.

    Welded Wire Mesh

  2. Welded Wire Mesh's tensile strength should reach 120N, otherwise it is not qualified Welded Wire Mesh. There is no easy way to test the tensile strength of Welded Wire Mesh in this respect. It can only be tested by professional tools and expert tests. We will not go into detail.Welded Wire Mesh

  3. Welded Wire Mesh can not exceed 2MM on both sides, which is qualified Welded Wire Mesh. Welded Wire Mesh has a strong weld at the intersection of the weft and the weft, but the Welded Wire Mesh edge must be welded to the firm weft to be welded, but it can not be welded too much, generally not more than 2 mm Welded Wire Mesh It is a qualified Welded Wire Mesh.Welded Wire Mesh

  4. There are also some surface phenomena: the mesh should be uniform, and the Welded Wire Mesh hot-dip galvanized layer should be even so that the anti-corrosion effect is guaranteed.

    Welded Wire Mesh


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