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Redrawing Galvanized Wire
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Redrawing Galvanized Wire

Redrawing galvanized wire can be divided into electronic galvanized redrawing wire and hot—dip galvanized redrawing wire, it redrawn by quality low carbon galvanized iron wire.

Product Description

Redrawing galvanized wire can be divided into electronic galvanized redrawing wire and hot-dip galvanized redrawing wire, 
it redrawn by quality low carbon galvanized iron wire. We can produce it according to your wire diameter, weight of zinc coated, 
elongation, tensile strength and other requirements.

Characteristic and usage: the redrawing galvanized wire has high tensile strength, bright and smooth surface, beautiful and the 
fastness is enduring. It is widely used in reinforcing construction wire mesh, 
welded wire mesh panels, chain link fence
bucket handle, straightened cut wire, baling wire for cotton, construction and handcraft products.
Specifications: 0.7mm-4.0mm
Good quality at competitive price, a variety of sizes for your choice.

Redrawing Galvanized Wire    Redrawing Galvanized Wire

Redrawing Galvanized Wire    Redrawing Galvanized Wire

Redrawing Galvanized Wire    Redrawing Galvanized Wire


Specification of Redrawing Galvanized Wire
Wire Gauge (BWG) Wire Diameter (mm) Allowed Difference (mm) Weight (kg)
34# 0.20 ±0.02 10
31# 0.25
30# 0.30
28# 0.35
27# 0.40 ±0.03
25# 0.50
23# 0.6
21# 0.8
20# 0.9
19# 1.00 ±0.04 25
18# 1.20
17# 1.40
16# 1.60
15# 1.80 ±0.05 50
14# 2.00
13# 2.50
11# 3.00


Applications:Redrawing wire maily used to make wire hangers, development, construction, medical, communications, welded wire mesh,
high pressure pipe, tie lines, craft wire and Now widely used in many leisure and entertainment, families, businesses and so on.

Baling Wire     Baling Wire

Straightened Cut Wire    Straightened Cut Wire

300衣架丝 (1)    300衣架丝 (2)

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details:    1.plastic woven bag inner plastic bag
                                  2.Plastic in the hemp
                                  3. as the customers need .
Delivery Detail:    within 10day of 20', 15days of 40'

Redrawing Galvanized Wire    Redrawing Galvanized Wire

Redrawing Galvanized Wire    Redrawing Galvanized Wire

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