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welded gabion mesh
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welded gabion mesh

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In environmental management, Gabion is a product that can effectively reduce soil and water loss, low cost, durable and easy to maintain. The technology of welding gabion mesh is using the spiral binding wire to weld the front and back panels , After the assembly of the floor and the diaphragm compression, and net cover packaged together is called welding gabion net. In general, 10% of the zinc-aluminum alloy welded gabion grid can be used for more than 60 years and is loved by the masses of customers.


1. Welding gabion mesh smooth and neat mesh, net uniform, solid solder joints, with strong firmness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and so on.

2. Welding Gabion low cost, easy to install, is the courtyard decoration, slope protection green ideal.

3. Strong ability to withstand the effects of natural destruction and resistance to bad weather.

4. Very good resistance to stretching.

5. Welding gabion site installation is simple and quick and convenient and beautiful structure, saving time and labor, high efficiency.

6. Welding gabion mesh installation time than hexagonal gabion save 40%. Compared with the hexagonal gabion net, the welded gabion net can better maintain the "cage shape": when the filling is full, the welding gabion net panel does not convex and concave, and remains flat, unlike the hexagonal gabion net Drum up, so you can better connect with other gabions or form a wall with the whole.

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