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Gabion box product features
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Gabion box product features

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Gabion box product features

Gabion box product features
The Gabion box is a box cage made of heavy hexagonal nets, also known as the Gabion box. The Gabion box is filled with stones at the construction site to form a structure that is flexible, permeable and integral, such as retaining walls, river linings, rafts and other anti-erosion projects. Here are some of the product features of the galvanized Gabion box:

Gabion box product features

  1. Gabion box aperture: 60*80mm, 80*100mm, 80*120mm, 100*120mm, 120*150mm; some of the two-wire stranding length must not be less than 50mm. To ensure that some steel wire and PVC coating are twisted. Not damaged.

  2. Gabion box wire diameter: Gabion box is divided into three kinds of wire diameter - mesh, edge wire, tie wire
    (1) The range of the mesh is 2mm-4mm
    (2) The edge wire is generally larger than the mesh, and the thickness is 0.5mm-1mm.
    (3) The tie wire is generally smaller than the mesh, and the more common is 2.2mm.

  3. Gabion box wire tension: not less than 38kg / m2 380N / mm

    Gabion box product features

  4. Gabion box appearance disposal
    Electroplated zinc. The maximum amount of zinc is 10g/m2. Poor corrosion resistance
    Hot galvanized. The maximum amount of zinc can reach 300g/m2. Strong corrosion resistance
    Galvan (zinc aluminum alloy). This is divided into two materials, zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, zinc-10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Super corrosion resistance
    PVC plastic bag: The thickness of the plastic bag is generally 1.0mm thick, for example: 2.7mm after 2.7mm. Strong anti-corrosion.

    Gabion box product features


  5. Gabion box spacing: add a gap per meter in the long direction of the Gabion box

  6. Gabion box scale: generally mainly 1*1*2, 1*1*3, 1*1*1.5 meters, can also be customized according to customer demand for wire diameter, aperture, tension, spacing and size.

    Gabion box product features





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