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Why is the Gabion opening hexagonal?
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Why is the Gabion opening hexagonal?

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Why is the Gabion opening hexagonal?
Gabion is hexagonal. Why is Gabion hexagonal? What is the benefit of this design for the performance of the mesh? Why is the hexagonal shape a very stable shape that increases the load carrying capacity of the mesh itself. Gabion's raw materials are very strong and the surface is also treated with anti-corrosion treatment. In this way, its performance becomes more stable and its strength is also greatly improved. At the same time, the shape of the hexagon also increases the adaptability of Gabion. When the local shape changes due to geological disasters, Gabion can quickly adjust the shape, and the inner stone will adjust the direction to stabilize the shape. Gabion's ecology is also amazing. As the water passes through it, it will flow out of the mesh and into the river. In this way, its ecology and environmental protection become more and more important.

Gabion opening

In the harsh weather and environment, the inherent corrosion resistance of the grid can play the most important role. Gabion is very large in diameter, so its stability is very large. The protective body is generally divided into a slope type, a step type, and a vertical type, and different environments have different usage modes. Gabion is a versatile grid product with protection, ecology and more. In order to avoid displacement during installation, an effective connection between the cabinets is required, which allows for better integration and increased structural stability.

Gabion opening

There are many raw materials such as lead wire, steel wire and steel wire. They are hexagonal grids and the Gabion structure made of steel wire is more stable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation. When it is attacked by the outside world, it will not be easily deformed.

Gabion opening

Gabion is often used in water conservancy projects due to its low cost. Its filling is ordinary stone and the reed mat is everywhere. After the stone is put in, the hole must be sealed. The installation of the grid is very simple and novices can install it quickly. No matter how bad the external environment, it will not rust and deform. When geological deformation occurs, the mesh can still maintain its maximum state without collapse.

Gabion opening

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