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What are the advantages of the Gabion box
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What are the advantages of the Gabion box

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What are the advantages of the Gabion box?

Gabion box

The Gabion box is an angular mesh woven from metal wire. It is used for slope protection and revetment, slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcrete, slope planting (beautification), railway expressway barrier netting, etc.

Gabion box

Gabion box has high stability

The Gabion box is filled with certain stones for the anti-scour maintenance of rivers, dikes and seawalls, as well as cages for reservoirs and river closures. Due to the mesh characteristics of the Gabion box, the flexible layout can be used to the changes of the slope without being damaged, and has a very good safety and stability than the rigid layout; the stones are gathered together to enhance the stability, and the prefabricated unit The shape can be manipulated and placed at a specified address more accurately than the riprap. The inlay and joint between the units can further enhance the stability of the layout. Therefore, stone cages are widely used in water conservancy projects to build river embankments and slope protection.

Gabion box

Gabion box has eco-friendly features

The application of ecological grid technology in garden landscapes is also quite effective. In the water conservancy project, we first consider its safety and stability, and this is undoubtedly the foundation of the ecological gem network in the water conservancy project, and secondly its ecological nature has a icing on the cake. In landscape engineering, the traditional idea is that as long as it is beautiful, this ecological grid can naturally combine with the surrounding environment with its unique ecological advantages, which achieves the effect of beautiful and harmonious.

Gabion box

Gabion box is more resistant to erosion

The Gabion box structure can accept the maximum water flow speed of up to 6m/s3, has water permeability, and has strong inclusiveness to the natural effect and filtration effect of groundwater. The suspension and sludge in the water can be deposited in the rockfill joint, and then Conducive to the growth of natural plants, and gradually recover the original ecological environment.

Gabion box

The Gabion box is a grid fabrication of wire or polymer filaments that hold the stone in place. Wire cages are grids woven from wire or welded to a layout. These two layouts can be electroplated, and the woven wire box can be coated with PVC. With a weather-resistant solid stone as a filler, it will not break up quickly due to abrasion in the Gabion box sinking row.

Gabion box

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